£29,783 was spent on the pitch and ground. The split was £12,142 on general maintenance and £17,641 on equipment which included a mower & spares, a white line machine and a turf groomer.

During the last 5 years numerous other projects were provided with funding by the lottery including major projects such as the car park, a new boiler, press box, dugouts and a players tunnel. A new safe, a Veo camera and vital medical supplies, upgraded telephone system and numerous electrical jobs were all completed as a result of lottery member’s commitment.

During this 5 year period membership peaked at 319 in November 2019. Since then there has been a gentle decline in memberships to the current figure of 302 and a drop in profit from £1372 to £1277 per month.

The aim was always to increase membership to 500 and in 2017 we launched an agents scheme to try and attract new members through a generous commission scheme. Unfortunately this did not prove to be very successful. We have only 5 agents who between them have enrolled 59 members. We thank all the agents for their efforts but if we are to continue to grow we need to attract new agents who can sign up much more.

The Lottery has been very successful and plays a vital part in the running and financing of your football club, enabling the club to do things that would not have been possible before. Fundamental to its success has been the efforts of Eric Robbins and we want to formally thank him for all the work he has done. Eric’s health is not as good as it was and he can’t go charging around Stafford as he used to.