Stafford is getting ready to welcome refugees who are currently fleeing Afghanistan.

In a statement to Stafford FM, Victoria Wilson, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for Communities and Culture, said:

“Staffordshire has a tradition of helping those in need, including, in recent years, Syrian families displaced by violence. We are awaiting further details from the Home Office as to what is wanted and will then see how we can help, in conjunction with district and borough councils.”

In July of this year St Austins Church in Stafford was given “Church of Sanctuary” status which is part of a national organisation that promotes towns to welcome refugees, with a large focus on those fleeing war. Refugees from Syria arrived under the Syrian Vulnerable Person Scheme.

This situation in Afghanistan is still developing day by day and it largely remains a military operation so details are not specific at this time. We will aim to publish more information as it’s released.

Local community group Hearts and Hands Stafford have begun collecting; clothes, teddy bears, pens, pencils colouring books and school uniforms. They are hosting a drop off service only at Unit H New Beacon Group Enterprise Park , Weston Road Stafford ST18 0BF Thursday & Friday between 12 – 2pm

Hearts and Hands donation post is listed here: 100s of locals have left comments and flooded their post offering support


Please note, due to our resources at Stafford FM the photo we have used is a stock photo of a Syrian refugee and is not representative of the current situation in Afghanistan