Dig out your breeches, polish your knee highs and join us for Stafford FM’s Race Night Fundraiser full of fun and laughter at Kennys Sports Bar on Friday 3rd August 2018.

Doors open at 7.15pm and the first race will start at approximately 7.45pm.

Tickets are £2 IN ADVANCE or £4 ON THE DOOR. Advanced tickets can be purchased from Stafford FM at 27 Crabbery Street or from Kennys Sports Bar, 8 North Walls, Stafford.

Table top horse racing involves wooden horses on a 5 meter track with the movement of the horses determined by the throw of giant dice… much more fun and interactive than virtual racing! We have 6 races planned following differing formats which will be explained at the start of each race.

When betting opens for each Race, you will have an opportunity bet on your preferred horse (or horses) by purchasing one or more tickets at the betting table. If you have bought tickets for the winning horse, you can collect your winnings from the Betting Table shortly after the end of the race.

Will you make the winners enclosure… come along and find out!

All proceeds generated from this event will help Stafford FM to fund the development of their education and training facilities.