Looking Sharp!

I think it's fair to say that we love our nostalgia. I always feel fortunate to be able to play some great songs on the 9'o clock Flashback every morning. I know that sounds rather cheesy, but this week's epic!

Following on from the 60's year that we rolled out on Monday, Tuesday's will sound a little different. Only because I'm dropping in a quick chat on the phone with one half of a duo that I'm playing a song from after 9am. I've actually met this chap before - at a Christmas party for a radio station I worked at a couple of years ago. 

If you're of a similar age to me, I'm pretty sure you'll remember this kids TV show?


 Apparently the mullet is making a comeback - and he totally rocked it back in the 80's!

We will be chatting about his upcoming gig at Penkridge Open Air this July, amongst other things. You know who this is, right?