Colin Gardener talks about driving on smart motorways

In a survey of the UK’s least favourite motorways, the M6 came second only after the M25. The M6 through our stretch of Staffordshire is now a smart motorway.  With that in mind, Colin Gardener called in to chat on the mid-morning show with Ray Crowther to talk about motorway safety.

Preparing the car prior to travel using P.O.W.E.R. (Petrol/fuel, Oil,
Water - including the washer bottle, Electrics lights etc and Rubber - tyres and
wipers). Also to have breakdown cover. If you break down, it will cost you at
at least £150 just to get off the motorway and the police/highways will
remove your vehicle after 2 hours. It is illegal to rope tow a
vehicle on the motorway. A flat tyre will cost you £150 call out and
the cost of a new tyre.
If on a motorway and you're unfortunate enough to break down, GO LEFT. Leave at the next junction or service area if you can. If that’s not possible, move left onto the hard shoulder or nearest emergency area. Don’t put out a warning triangle or try to repair your vehicle yourself. Get out of your car on the left, and walk about 1 lorry length towards oncoming traffic staying behind the barrier, because if a HGV hits you, at least it is going away from you.
If you are on the motorway as a pedestrian, your life expectancy is 2
minutes unless you wear a high vis jacket, then it goes up to 3 minutes.
Colin worked along side Road Traffic Officers for over 11 years in a civilian,
and also in the police control room for 20 years and also offered this little tip which will be helpful if you ever have to change a wheel....

(see short video below)


Colin Gardener