This week’s Solid Gold Sunday will be focusing on 1970, as it was this coming weekend back then, the 12th of September to be precise, that Palestinian militants hijacked three commercial jets, held them on an airfield in the dessert and then blew them up one by one. 40 hostages were taken from the planes minutes before the explosions. A radical Palestinian faction responsible for the act of terrorism had issued a 72-hour deadline for the release of seven militants being held by the three countries that were represented by the aircraft stolen. Two of the planes had been captured by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) six days before with the last plane seized on 9 September on a flight from Bombay to London and forced to join the others at Dawson’s Field airstrip – a former RAF base in the Jordanian dessert. For obvious reasons it dominated the media back them. Fortunately there was no loss of life.

That means we will be p-laying the top ten from 1970. It has the likes of The Poppy Family (remember them … one hit wonders?) Desmond Dekker, Three Dogg Night, Chairman of the Board, Smokey Robinson and the great Freda Payne. Listening in just for this is worthwhile as 1970 seems to have left us with a wonderful musical heritage.

Onwards and upwards with the rest of the planning cycle of the show: I’ve to find the First in, Lasdt out spot and decide which year to focus on for our clutch of number ones.

What this space.

Regards Andy Cadabra (Solid Gold Sunday every Sunday at 6 o’clock)