After tended  1967: Queen Elizabeth 2 takes to the waves

After extended research looking at what year to include in this Sundays Solid Gold Sunday show, I have stumbled on the fact that it was on the 20th September 1967 that the Queen launched the new Cunard cruise liner named after her, the Queen Elizabeth 2, at a ceremony on the Clydebank. Records show that tens of thousands of people crowded the river’s banks as the Queen appeared on a platform high against the bow of the 963 ft (293.5 metres) long liner, with Prince Philip and Princess Margaret by her side. Must have been strange listening to yourself say those words “I name this ship Queen Elizabeth the Second. May God bless her and all who sail in her.”

Well, that is a good enough reason for us to focus on playing the top ten of this weekend back in 1967 ….. the end of the famous flower power year “The Summer of Love”.

It would appear that there was a distinct absence of the big names of the 1960’s … no Beatles, no Elvis, no Cliff ….. but we did have The Small Faces, Tom “The Voice” Jones, Diana Ross and Traffic (Hole in my shoe and all that)

Looks like being an usual top ten … played in its entirety against media snippets of the launching of probably the worlds most iconic cruise liner.

I personally have experienced the absolute pleasure of cruising on the liner just before she was retired. As 1967 is one of my favourite year in the 60’s for its wide range of hits (maybe next to 1963) I am looking forward to Sunday’s show. all I have to do now is choose the music for our “on this day” feature, my “first in last out” spot, and the “three on the bounce” starring our artist of the week. Hard work but what a wonderful challenges.

I’ll report back

Regards Andy Cadabra