One of the features on Solid Gold Sunday (6 o’clock very Sunday evening for 2 hours of the very best 60’s and 70’s) is “On This Day”. Basically it is a musical anniversary spot … sometimes high profile happenings and at other times an “interesting and trivial” piece of musical history. This then gives us the opportunity to play a couple of tracks linked to the story. This weekends “On This Day” is centred around Ringo Starr of the Beatles. It was this weekend back in 1968 that the Beatles were busy at Abbey Road recording songs etc. However, the tensions between the Fab Four was beginning to show through. Basically at a crucial times, Ringo simply walked out and “left the group” They were recording the ‘White’ album and each of the four of them were staring to show their insecurities within the band. Paul is recorded at the time of saying “I remember Ringo being uptight about something, I don’t remember what, and the next thing I was told was that he’d quit the band.” This meant Paul had to play drums on Back in the USSR track whilst John played Paul’s bass. Ringo was away for a couple of weeks and whilst away wrote Octopus’s Garden which was included on the Abbey Road album. That is good enough excuse for me to play Back in the USSR and Octopus’s Garden in this feature. The tracks will follows our opening piece of music which this week is “Goldfinger” from Shirley Bassey.