As one show finishes, the planning for the next one automatically starts. Last nights “Solid Gold Sunday” went well with some excellent tunes … even if on one of then I left the mic “live” and the people of Stafford had to endure 20 seconds of me singing along on my own to Matt Munro and “Portrait of my Love”. Well, I have proven one thing … I can’t sing! Anyhow, next weeks show prep has started and the first step is to find a media story from the 60’s and 70’s that happened next weekend. Once I can focus on this, we then look at the top ten of that week. Well, very quickly on this occasion, I have read that on the exact day next Sunday, 30th August in 1975 there were riots at the Notting Hill Carnival. It seemed to bring to a head the many tensions that were around in the mid 1970’s. So, job done! That is the year we will look at. The story is quite shocking as more than 100 police officers had to be taken to hospital after clashes with at least 26  detained overnight for observation or further treatment. The charts had the likes of Rod Stewart, ABBA, Wings, Dr Hook and The Chi-lites. That should keep me busy for a while. Once we have the story and the top ten it will be time to build the rest of the show, but I’ll talk about that in my next blog.


Andy Cadabra