I mentioned in my last blog I had chosen the media story for this coming weekends show ….1974 (this weekend back then was the first episode of Porridge with Ronnie Barker). Well, as you know we play the top ten from that week and here it is. Do you remember Sylvia and her summer song “Viva Espana” …… everybody who went to Spain on holiday that year that year was singing it in the pubs and night clubs from Lloret to Benidorm, Magaluf to Marbella. It was embarrassing! I know on this occasion, as I was one of them. The summer 1974 was also the time of one of the UK’s largest Tour Operators (Clarksons) who simply “went bust” at the height of the summer holiday period. I remember it well as I was a young (very young) travel agent apprentice and was in Guernsey at the time camping on a summer “work camp” …. cooking etc for 150 young people on a summer camp. I hadn’t seen a news paper for almost two weeks and just before I returned to work, the postman who used to deliver the mail to the camp site (we had to write home in those days as there were no mobile phones and “pay phones” were a pain in the butt) had the Daily Mail in his back pocket. I asked to have a look, and there on the front page ….. the 2015 equivalent would suddenly finding Thomson Holidays had gone bust.

Anyway, John Denver is also in the top ten with a future number one with a song about a girl whom he never mentions her name in the song … fortunately Annie is in the title so we know who he is on about when he sings “You fill up my senses”

Kung Fu Fighting was also there as was The Three Degrees (obviously keeping Prince Charles happy) Donny and Marie Osmond held No 1 & No 2 consecutively and Jimmy Ruffin has a re-entry with his 60’s classic “What becomes of the broken hearted”

All in all, a mixed chart ….. and for 1974, it was extremely unusual that there was no glam rock, no cheesy pop, o huge mega stars (rod, Elton etc) just what was simply “a mixed bag” . Nevertheless, the top ten will be played in full.

The next step is to find the “First in, last out” song and our artist of the week. I already have a few ideas … I’ll let you know in my next blog.

Andy Cadabra