Within the research I have been doing for this Sunday’s show I have come across a brilliant piece of trivia … it was on the 13th September in 2013 that there was a landmark court case. It involved “The Village People” …. of YMCA fame, regaining the rights to 33 songs they had written  but had not received full royalties at the time… or in fact over the years due to signing them away early in their careers to “management”.  The landmark lawsuit means lead singer Victor Willis regained the copyright to 33 songs he co-wrote for the band. Willis was the first songwriter to go public with his case, which dealt with a 1978 law that reverts copyrights of songs back to their original owners 35 years after they were first written.

If you are a song writer who early in their career signed contracts that were good at the time and then when you “hit the big time” you are not earning or have earned what the songs are making …. this is good news.

Therefore this Sunday on my “On this Day” feature I will be playing a brace of The Village People” …. but not YMCA  as that would be a little obvious, so I’ll be playing release No 2 & No 3 ….. In the Navy and Go West.

Happy Days. See you on Sunday at 6 o’clock, but I will update the last piece of my planning tomorrow


Andy Cadabra