Whilst researching for my feature “On this day” I have come up with an anniversary that is easy to include. It was on 7th September (next Monday) back in 1978 that Keith Moon, the drummer with The Who took his self-destructive side of his nature to the ultimate tragic exit. He died of an overdose of medication that was prescribed to combat his well-documented alcoholism. A post-mortem confirmed there were 32 tablets in his system, 26 of which were un-dissolved. Moon had attended a party the night before organised by Paul McCartney for the launch of the ‘The Buddy Holly Story’ movie. Keith Moon had played on all The Who albums from their debut hits through to 1978’s Who Are You, which was released two weeks before his death. To show the type of guy he was, in the summer of 1968, whilst enjoying a wild birthday party he Moon drove his Lincoln car into a Holiday Inn swimming pool. As the party had become out of control, the police were called to put an end to the festivities. Moon, ever keen to avoid the boys in blue snuck outside and got into a Lincoln Continental Limousine and attempted to make a getaway. Unfortunately, in his inebriated state he released the handbrake, and began rolling towards the pool. Moon simply sat back and waited, as the car crashed through the fence around the pool and into the water. He played quite differently to his peers, turning his massive kit into a lead instrument, and his up-front technique was crucial in establishing the Who’s passionate style. It’s been said that Keith Moon was to the drums what Jimi Hendrix was to the guitar – a complete original. Moon’s kit was the biggest in rock, at one stage boasting at least 10 tom-toms, twin bass drums, twin timpani, snare, half-a-dozen cymbals and a gong.

Keith was never backward at coming forward, with an ever optimistic outlook to life. He once famous said “At heart I cannot accept that I am a well-known rock ‘n’ roll star and one of the greatest drummers in the world” and “I’ve always enjoyed myself. Unhappy periods for me last about twenty minutes.”

Therefore to mark his passing away, we will be playing a brace of The Who …. I am in the process of choosing the tracks, but if you read this blog and have a suggestion, let me know via andrewpfrench@tiscali.co.uk

Onwards and upwards towards the next part of the shows planning process: Solid Gold Sunday every Sunday at 6 o’clock.