Pokemon Go! The new craze but what is it and will it end Obesity?!

These are some of the claims that have been made.

Pokemon Go is a new game that incorporates gaming and exercise.

It is based on the old Pokemon game but this version incorporates walking out on the streets to hunt Pokemon etc.

One example shows people having to walk certain distances before their eggs hatch.

There are mixed opinions on this new game and I will try and summise the main ones for you here.


This new game incorporates exercise and is encouraging people to move more throughout the day.

It’s affordable

It’s easy to use and all ages are using it

There are many examples of people that usually find social situations difficult that are leaving their houses and mixing with people where they wouldn’t normally.

Government guidelines suggest 30 mins of exercise per day and you would be shocked to find out how many people don’t actually do this

It is an activity that can be done with the whole family

One young person I spoke to gave me an example that he had walked 15km in one day playing the game.


As with anything there are some common sense safety aspects to be aware of and some people have already… played while driving, bumped into lamp posts etc. As with anything people need to be aware of safety of themselves and other people when doing most activities

A normal walk can be less social because people are looking and checking their phones all of the time rather than interacting with each other and taking in the scenery

Safety above all needs to be paramount. Stranger danger and all other safety aspects need to take full priority. Parents should ensure they have considered all aspects before downloading the game.

To Summarise…

In my opinion, yes as with anything there are risks and you need to take any adequate steps to keep safe at all times.

No, I don’t think it with CURE all Obesity. No everyone in the whole world is going to be playing this game and a healthy weight is not achieved just through exercise. Diet plays a key part to this also.

People are not realistically going to play the game forever. However, I can absolutely see that this will benefit individuals. I have already seen improvements in my own circle and have seen people go from no exercise to exercising every day.

This will, I believe, set a bench mark with other apps and games using similar principles. There are many fitness apps on the market already that gamefy fitness they are just not as well known.

I have also seen people venturing out and socialising where this has previously been a difficulty for them.

The regular exercise will also help to reduce depression and anxiety and the health benefits are unlimited

Anything that gets people moving etc has, with correct measures taken for safety, got to be a good thing.

What are your thoughts?