Our regular feature “On this Day” has highlighted many musical anniversaries, some trivial and others of a more serious nature. Today’s falls into the latter category. It was this weekend back in 1973 that the world was informed of the death of folk/rock singer Jim Croce. 1973 should have been a great year him. The singer-songwriter was coming to peoples major attention with songs used in movies and television, and had landed a couple of folk-rock albums on the US pop charts. He was playing to packed out audiences and was on the brink of becoming a worldwide star. Then tragedy stuck! The singer had wrapped up the recording sessions and was nearing the end of his current tour when his life was cut short. On the 20th Sept 1973, following a gig at Northwestern State University, Croce boarded a small chartered plane to travel to his next show in Sherman, Texas. Sadly, the plane never made it much past the runway. In what was later described as solely a pilot error. The small aircraft failed to clear a pecan tree while taking off and crashed. All six people aboard were killed, including Croce, his guitarist, his, agent, his road manager and the pilot.

As with many deaths within the music industry, the following months saw public interest in his music flourish. No 1 albums and singles in the US and worldwide recognition  and whilst he is played much on the radio and many of us “of a certain age” known his songs immediately, he never charted in the UK singles chart. However, that will not stop us playing probably his two most famous tracks, “Time in a bottle” and “I have to say I love you in a song”.

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