This weeks “First In, Last Out” feature is centred on Summertime Blues, the Eddie Cochran penned song written in the summer of 1958. It entered the charts both at the time of writing and on a re-issue in the 1960’s. Unusual for the time he sang and played several of the instruments on the recording. However, choosing another artist who has covered the classic song if difficult as it has become a regular at live gigs for various people. However, I’ve come down to three … Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys and The Who. All have their merits and the easy way out is play all three. Unfortunately I haven’t the time on the show … plus the fact I am struggling obtaining copies other that the version from The Who. Recorded on their “Live at Leeds” album (probably one of the best live albums of all time) it is definitely worth a listen. However, I will be using a trimmed down recording of Summertime Blues by The Who as the “Live at Leeds” version is rather long for Solid Gold Sunday.

Well that’s it. Summertime Blues for our “First In, Last Out” feature, by Eddie Cochran and The Who. I have enjoyed the research for this week’s feature. Brilliant!