If your partner cheats, it’s the ‘other women’s’ fault!

Now I don’t actually believe this but it has prompted my latest Single In Stafford blog post…

All too often a cheat is exposed and the partner who has been done wrong by, stays with the partner and slates the ‘other person.’

Now all too often the ‘other person’ doesn’t even know the husband/wife exist and yet they are the ones that get slated in the fall out and yet the cheating partner gets forgiven. Now surely something is wrong there?

I think it is also this culture that puts people off ‘exposing’ a cheat due to worry of the fallout. If someone exposes a cheat, all too often they get slated and ostracised. This can often put someone off telling someone they are being cheated on and stay out of the situation for fear of the fall out. Only for the person to stay in the relationship anyway.

We have all watched a television show where someone is exposed for cheating and the other person is the one in the firing line. And I know there are exceptions to this, for instance if your best friend gets with your partner, then it is a double betrayal.

But why is it that the other person is treated as the bad guy?

Is it insecurity? Does the injured party feel threatened by the other person? Do they feel inferior to the person who has ‘replaced’ them?

And why are some people so eager to forgive the cheat and continue a relationship with them?

Is that also insecurity? Is that person so desperate to be loved that they stay with someone who doesn’t want to commit to them in their actions clearly even if their words say otherwise?

Infidelity in itself could prompt a whole new blog. It is widespread and has been for years. Those that state it is a new ‘modern day’ concept may need to have a look back as even in the Bible there was infidelity.

Have we been institutionalised… (If that is the right word?). Do our own insecurities and worries that our partner might cheat on us, cause us to live in a society that frowns on infidelity without an actual realisation and acceptance that it is rife?

Do we need to be realistic that infidelity is a way of life and absolutely a possibility in any relationship?

Are open relationships the way to go? No need to lie as no one is going to judge you if you tell them what you were really up to last night?

I really am interested to hear your views… Why does the other person get blamed? Why do they get attacked and the cheat put on a pedestal and fought over? Who wants a liar and a cheat to complete them?