I( have come across a wonderful piece of 60’s music trivia. Whilst planning this Sundays show (6 o’clock) I was looking at the music for my  “First in, Last out” spot … this is where the first and last tracks are the same but by a different artist……in other words “covers”. Well, did you know who wrote the lyrics to the famous Bond tune “Goldfinger”? We all know it was sung by Shirley Bassey, but I have discovered via extensive research (well, a few googles) that a one “Anthony Newly” wrote the lyrics against the score of John Barry. The good news is that I have managed to track down a copy of Anthony Newley singing it. It is refreshingly different!

Therefore on this Sunday’s show we will be coming in  on Shirley Bassey and going out on Anthony Newley …Goldfinger rules!!!!!!! The Newley version is well worth the wait.

See you on Sunday. I’ll post more details about the music playlist tomorrow.

cheers …. Andy Cadabra