I was talking to Pat about her amazing weight loss and fitness and she has agreed to do some regular weight loss and fitness blogs for us. I think you will agree that her story is amazing and very inspirational

Today I’ve been to the gym and my Fitbit tells me I’ve walked 14,375 steps so far today and its only 10.38am.

Taking you back a year I was lying every day on a settee suffering with spinal stenosis a bone spur had grown on my L4/5 vertebrae and strangled my sciatic nerve, the pain was like a burning poked being forced down my right leg l couldn’t sleep for more than 4 hrs a night, l couldn’t exercise at all and was constantly taking pain medication to try to alleviate the pain.

After an MRI scan and a consultation with a neurosurgeon, my surgery was booked and went ahead on 29th July 2014 my back was opened up and a  lot of bone shaved away from the vertebrae to release the sciatic nerve when my surgeon was happy with the clearance the nerve had, he checked the left side that was good and closed me up.

I took a while to heal had 3 infections in the wound but woke up pain free how amazing that was after 10 months of hell.

Eventually discharged from the hospital in October the weight had piled on as it was the only pleasure l had for almost a year but now was the time to get back to the gym at the Chase Health Club and take stock and work out what my future held for me.

I rejoined my gym early November 2014 that day was hard it felt like the last place l wanted to be but a decision had been made to go back so go back l did.

I was made to feel welcome and got on and did what l could it wasn’t very much but it was a start, now 8 months later l have lost 33 lbs in weight and workout at the gym 3 times a week Mondays l do 2 hrs cardio Tuesdays l do 1hr 45 cardio 1 hr Zumba and 1 hr Pilates and Thursdays 1.45 cardio and 1 hr Pilates.

I have such an active lifestyle now l owe it to myself and everyone around me to make the most of every single day, the thoughts of last year are vivid in my head l won’t ever forget it but my future is ahead of me now and its made me a much happier healthier and more determined than ever!

If I can achieve this anyone can!