Police in Northern Ireland have released new images of the man they believe murdered journalist Lyra McKee.

Detective Superintendent Jason Murphy released footage which shows three men walking together in the area of the Creggan estate, Londonderry, about a minute before the 29-year-old’s murder.

The man at the front is carrying a crate of petrol bombs.

Police believe the gunman is one of two suspects who is seen walking behind him.

Police have released a new image of the suspect they believe killed Lyra McKee
Image: Police say people in the community know who is responsible for Lyra McKee’s death
Lyra McKee murder statement
Image: A man is seen carrying a crate of petrol bombs in the new video

Speaking about the main suspect, Mr Murphy said: “He is shorter than both of the other men and is of stocky build.

“It is of my belief that he is the gunman that fired indiscriminately into the crowd and placed the community and police officers at risk.

“I believe he is the person who took the life of Lyra McKee.”

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One of the suspects has a camouflage scarf across his face
Image: One of the men is seen with a scarf covering his face
Lyra McKee was shot dead as she covered riots in Londonderry
Image: Lyra McKee was shot dead as she covered riots in Londonderry

The man walking next to the main suspect is wearing dark skinny jeans, blue Nike trainers and a camouflage scarf which is covering his face.

Mr Murphy has called on the local community in Derry to help trace the men.

He said: “Approximately 100 people were on the ground on the night Lyra was murdered – people saw the gunman and his associates.

“I think people within the community know who they are.

“I’m asking them to come forward and help us.”

Mr Murphy added that 140 people have so far come forward to provide police with images, video and other details.

The footage has been released two days after mourners gathered for Ms McKee’s funeral.

Her partner Sara Canning asked friends to wear Harry Potter scarves and Marvel T-shirts in a reference to her favourite books and comics.

A 57-year-old woman was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the murder of Ms McKee.

Sara Canning, the partner of journalist Lyra McKee who was shot dead during rioting, spoke at a vigil in Derry.
Partner’s tribute to reporter shot dead

It came after the so-called New IRA said it was behind the journalist’s death on 18 April.

Trouble broke out as officers carried out a search operation aimed at disrupting dissident republicans ahead of commemorations of Irish independence.

Police said around 50 petrol bombs were thrown in the confrontation and two cars were burned out.

Ms McKee, who had tweeted about the “absolute madness” in the area in the hours before she lost her life, was standing near a police vehicle when she was hit by a bullet.

Police released video showing the moments before Ms McKee’s death on Saturday.

Police have released CCTV showing a person suspected of firing the shots that killed journalist Lyra McKee in Derry.
CCTV of the moments before Lyra McKee’s death

Born and raised in Belfast, she was a rising star in journalism, extensively covering the Northern Irish conflict and its legacy.

She rose to prominence in a 2014 blog called Letter To My 14-Year-Old Self in which she spoke about the struggle of growing up gay in Belfast. It was later made into a short film.

In 2016, Forbes Magazine named her one of their “30 under 30 in media” and she recently signed a two-book deal with Faber & Faber.

The first book, The Lost Boys, was due for release next year.

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