Former Worcestershire cricketer Alex Hepburn has been found guilty of rape after attacking a sleeping woman.

The jury delivered a unanimous verdict on a count of oral rape, to which Hepburn sighed, slumped into his seat before covering his face with his hands and sobbing.

Hepburn was cleared of a second rape charge connected to the same victim in this retrial.

The 23-year-old will be sentenced on 30 April.

He denied two counts of rape relating to the alleged attack in the early hours of 1 April, 2017, at his flat in Portland Street, Worcester.

The attack was part of a sexual conquest “game”.

During his evidence, Hepburn admitted he sent “disgusting, horrible and embarrassing” WhatsApp messages while setting the rules of the sex competition.

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The judge warned Hepburn that a custodial sentence would be “inevitable” .

Alex Hepburn arrives at Worcester Crown Court
Image: Alex Hepburn has been found guilty of one count of rape

Judge Jim Tindal said: “It would not be a kindness to you to leave you under any false impression as to the purpose of that report.

“There is only one sentence that can properly be handed down in this case, and a custodial sentence is inevitable.”

Hepburn made jokes about women being raped in a Whatsapp group.

A number of messages were not shown to the jury, but ones which were included texts where he appeared to refer to himself with a nickname and claimed his friend won a previous sex conquest game by having threesomes.

Hepburn wrote: “Clarkey you only won last year because the hepperdawg let ya have three balls with him.”

Follow-up messages sent by Hepburn stated: “Always been me dragging the birds back. You raping them.”

In court, Hepburn said he was joking to annoy his friend.

Prosecutor Miranda Moore said it would be fair for the jury to have “the whole picture”.

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