Recently a suggestion was made that the new Shed End should be named the Jon Downing Stand or similar. A poll was held on an associated Facebook page and many supporters were in favour of this.

The result of this poll was considered by the Board of Directors and a decision was made to approach Jon’s family in this respect.

We can now confirm that the Downing family have been approached and that they would like the Shed End name to remain as it was first intended.

The family have said “We are extremely pleased that the club have honoured Jon’s memory by renaming the Lotus suite the Jon Downing Suite. We are aware that the stand is now being erected and that a number of supporters and companies have contributed to this with both time and money. Whilst we appreciate the wonderful gesture of Jon’s name appearing on the Shed End we feel that Jon would have wanted the credit for this to remain with these people and that the intended original name remain”