Eric Robins update on results.

I am now able to announce the result of my latest fund raising project as the 2020/21 season has been officially terminated. However, before I announce the result I would like to thank the 33 entrants and 27 donors who, at £5 each, enabled me to raise £300 for the club. Thanks also to John Bromley for his donation of £150 to the prize fund.

Number of Sponsors Points Totals
1 6
3 10
3 11
7 12
7 13
8 14
3 15
1 16
Total 33  

So as you can see I had one outright winner on 16 points and I am pleased to announce the winner has donated the £150 prize back to the club. A very generous gesture, however, they have told me they do not want any publicity and wish to remain anonymous and I respect their wishes. So that is why I have detailed only numbers of entrants and points scored rather than listing names.  However, if any entrants wish to know the score, please contact me for the information.

Thanks again for your support, it is greatly appreciated by myself and the directors.


Eric Robins