Children at two Staffordshire schools are digging deep and donning their wellies to plant over 100 trees and raise money to tackle global deforestation.  

Every pupil at St. Leonard’s C.E First School in Dunston and All Saints C.E Primary School in Bednall are teaming up to sow saplings in return for a donation to the global Just One Tree campaign, which partners with reforestation projects in poverty stricken areas across the world. 

The project has been led by Lisa Maaskant, Forest School Leader at both schools- she said “We have 122 children taking part in tree planting from both schools over two days and every single child has a sapling to plant. We decided to get involved as I was approached by the Just One Tree Campaign who asked if we would support them, and I was able to secure 200 tree saplings through The Woodlands Trust and the I Dig Trees programme. The campaign is a great cause and is a great learning opportunity for our pupils as we run Eco Clubs at both schools which are very popular, and they’ve been learning about the importance of trees and the effects of deforestation – so this ties in really well.”

There are 250 other schools taking part in the campaign nationwide and the money goes to support the Just One Tree Campaign who are planting trees across the world in areas where there is deforestation taking place like Madagascar. The children will bring in their £1 donations then plant their sapling,