A total of 155 patients have now sadly died with Covid-19 at the Royal Stoke University Hospital and Stafford’s County Hospital, this is in an crease of 11 on yesterdays figure.


A total of 1405 cases of corona virus have now been confirmed in Staffordshire and 250 people have recovered and been discharged from hospital after being diagnosed with the virus.




*Fraudsters and scammers are using coronavirus as a way of pretending to pose as genuine organisations that they know people look to for advice, such as banks, the police, government and even the World Health Organization.

They’ll use bogus emails, phone calls, text messages and even social media posts to try and get you to disclose your personal or financial information.

Don’t be pressured into doing something you’re not sure about, any legitimate requests will allow you to check it out.


Also, be careful if you receive any social media or text messages from what appears to be from friends or family asking for financial help during this time. Give them a call first to ensure the request is genuine.


Contact the police immediately by calling 101 if, the scammer is in your area or you’ve transferred money to the scammer in the last 24 hours

If you feel threatened or unsafe call 999.

There’s more information about reporting scammers on the Citizen’s Advice website at www.citizensadvice.org.uk or by calling Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

*The burial grounds at the crematorium in Stafford have been reopened following a change in the law.


People will now be able to pay their respects to loved ones at the town’s Tixall Road site but, are being asked to observe the ongoing social distancing measures in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


The Government has now changed the law to say the legislation does not apply to the burial grounds or Garden of Remembrance surrounding a crematorium – which means the Stafford site can reopen.


The crematorium buildings remain closed except for those attending funeral services.


More advice about services at the Crematorium can be found at on Stafford Borough Councils’ website at www.staffordbc.gov.uk


*Finally, Staffordshire Police, together with local authority leaders and fire chiefs are urging people not to become complacent and ‘take their foot off the gas’ by continuing to stay at home and save lives and exercise close to home.


The renewed appeal for the continuing support of local communities, comes as the warm weather is set to continue into the weekend.


There’s more local news on our website at www.stafford.fm



Ray/Maurice 6:15am 24/04/2020