Police are warning people to be on their guard following a recent series of distraction burglaries in Stafford and Cannock.

The first incident was at the Post Office in Brocton, Stafford at around 4pm on 23 June. Three heavily built men and three heavily built women entered the shop, and while distracting staff one of the women tried to gain entry to the living area. Staff challenged the woman, who said she was looking for a toilet. The group then left empty handed.

The second incident happened in Tixall, Stafford at around 2pm on Monday 9 July. A woman who appeared to be pregnant knocked on the door of an elderly couple and asked for some water to top up her car radiator. After returning to the house for some more water the owner heard someone moving around upstairs.

A second woman then ran downstairs claiming to have been to the toilet. The pair went back to the car where a man was waiting and they drove away.

When the home owner checked upstairs he discovered some bedroom drawers had been opened and items of jewellery had been stolen.

Between 2.40pm and 3pm on the same day, three women entered a shop in Norton Canes and while two of them distracted the owner, the other stole a quantity of cash and jewellery from the upstairs living area.

Yesterday,(July 10) members of the same gang returned to the Post Office in Brocton but were recognised by staff and turned away.

In each case the women were described as Eastern European or possibly Asian and wearing long traditional dresses. Some wore headscarves and had their faces covered.

Officers believe a black BMW with the registration number W361 OCF was used in the Tixall incident, while a black VW Sharan was used in the incident in Brocton yesterday.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 and quote 831 of 9 July for the Cannock incident; 587 of 23 June; 857 of 9 July or 618 of 10 July for the incidents in the Stafford area.