Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is saying a big thank you to its volunteers as part of a national celebration week for those who selflessly give their time to help others.

The service has 72 volunteers from across the county who commit their valuable time to help the fire service. They can deliver safety advice to children during Safe+Sound, to the public by attending events, performing Post Incident Questionnaires and delivering Safe and Well visits and they help with firefighters’ training by acting as casualties, support the Princes Trust Programmes and much more.

The volunteers play a pivotal role within the Service and although it already has a number of dedicated and kind individuals SFRS is always looking for more people to offer their time.

‘Knowing that I am helping to support our fire service, even if only in small ways is great! I love taking part in the Drama Queens exercises – they are fun but have also opened my eyes to how much is expected from our fire fighters,” added volunteer; Irene Stewart from Stafford.

Volunteer Co-ordinator Lisa Oliver said: “Our volunteers are important to the Service and they come from all walks of life. We have such a wide range of roles, there are opportunities for people to do various things and we invite them to get involved in activities where they can apply their skills. We also have Volunteer Chaplains and volunteers who take part in the Ceremonial Squad.  We are so grateful to all our volunteers who give up their valuable time to help us provide our service to the community and achieve our goal to make Staffordshire the safest place to be.”

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer can submit an expression of interest here: