Families are being warned against fuelling the illegal sales of puppies –
Staffordshire Police is investigating reports of ‘puppy farms’ and the illicit trading of pets in the county with officers revealing prospective owners can be heading for heartache if their new addition is suffering from serious health conditions.
Officers are urging people who are considering getting a puppy, to stick with reputable breeders or use established rescue centres.
Responsible breeders will be happy to do the following things:
  • Arrange for you to meet the puppies – and their mother – in the place the litter was born and raised;
  • Allow you to have more than one meeting with the puppies to ensure you and the puppy are compatible;
  • Answer any of your questions and likely to ask you questions to make sure the puppies are going to a good home;
  • Gladly show you their local authority license if they are breeding/selling pets as a business or to make a profit;
  • Provide genuine paperwork, which may include – certificates for vaccinations, microchipping, worming, and results of any health tests;
  • Agree to completing and signing a ‘Puppy Contract’ – this can be further researched on the RSPCA website.
A responsible breeder won’t do the following:
  • Rush you in to parting with any money in exchange for a puppy;
  • Make excuses to stop you seeing the puppy’s mother by claiming she’s at the vets, asleep, or out walking. An absence of the mother generally indicates the puppies weren’t bred there;
  • Arrange to deliver the puppy to you at a random location;
  • Claim signs of health issues are normal such as snoring.
 James Lucas, of the RSPCA, said: “We whole-heartedly support the advice given by Staffordshire Police in relation to buying puppies and we often work with them and other agencies in these kinds of investigations.


Anyone with concerns over illegal puppy sales should contact Staffordshire Police using the online reporting method or calling 101. Concerns can also be reported to the RSPCA.