The Eccleshall parish war memorial is possibly unique in that it includes the name of a woman, Annie Allen, however 17 local men were omitted when it was erected in 1921 ,

The 17 men would have continued to go unnoticed but for the painstaking work by a number of volunteers, working on behalf of Eccleshall Historical Society, who carried out the research on the Memorial.

The unveiling and rededication will follow, so far as possible, the order of the 1921 service; Lord Lieutenant, Bishop, High Sheriff, Mayors etc starting at 10am on Sunday 24th June 2018

The Lord Lieutenant will lay a poppy wreath on behalf of HM the Queen. Poppy wreaths will also be laid by descendants of some of the 17 men.

With the addition of the 17 names (bringing the total to 63 men and one woman) this shows that something like 1 in 20 of the total male population of Eccleshall were killed in defence of our nation during the Great War.