Staffordshire County Council have today declared a ‘climate emergency’ as we experience record-breaking high temperatures across the UK.

In a meeting of the County Council today, councillors vowed to refresh the Council’s climate change strategy, continue their support to local councils in tackling climate change, and committed to providing a strong, unified voice on behalf of councils when lobbying the Government.

County Councillor Conor Wileman, Cabinet Support Member for Environmental Future, put forward the motion: “Declaring an emergency on climate change is an important first step; what we need to do now is set ambitious but achievable targets to protect our environment and reduce carbon emissions. The council has already over recent years reduced its carbon footprint significantly but we recognise that much more must be done. We will work closely with our district and borough partners, continue to lobby the Government to address this climate emergency and consider the implementation of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The declaration comes a month after the county council launched its Air Aware initiative, which aims to improve air quality in the county.

Work so far includes developing travel plans with businesses to reduce the number of single workers commuting, improving air quality around schools and looking at the future demand for electric car charging points in Staffordshire.

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