Water supplies across areas of Stafford were off last night following a burst to the mains on West Way. This was reported by Severn Trent Water around 00:30 this morning.

The team arrived around 01:30 and located a large burst water pipe on West Way at the junction of Newport Road

Water is now back on across most of the network with Seven Trent Water issuing this statement before 06:00.

“Our team is making good progress with the burst pipe on Newport Road.

We are now using water tankers and moving water around our network of pipes and we’re pleased to say that most of the affected properties should now have their supplies restored, although it may be at lower pressure than normal  whilst repairs continue.

You may find that the water supply is discoloured. When there’s a leak or burst, water flows through the mains water pipe much faster than normal. This disturbs the natural sediments which makes your water look murky. It can be anything from a similar colour to white wine, to a dark chocolate depending on how far away the burst is.

The best way to clear discoloured water is to run the cold tap nearest to your internal stop tap (usually next to your kitchen tap) at a steady flow for 20 minutes. Run this at a pencil thin flow. Don’t get tempted to give the tap a good blast as that can cause the sediment to be disturbed more, making the problem worse.

We apologise for any inconvenience this is causing and thank you for your continued patience.

We will continue to update this page as and when we receive from our Incident Control Team and the team on the ground. ”