Two years ago Rachael Jordan and Natasha Moore sitting drinking coffee and sharing stories of their breast cancer treatment. Now they’ve co-founded a charity to support women from Staffordshire who are facing the same disease. 

Whilst both women received medical treatment for breast cancer, they soon realised that there were large gaps in the levels of emotional and social support available to women receiving a cancer diagnosis before, during and after their treatment.  

Rachel said: Other ladies started joining us for coffee. We’d go out for meals and have a few gins …There were 5 of us at this point and more ladies were joining.  That’s when Natasha and I realised that there was a growing need for support and we set out to offer a place where ladies could come and chat and not feel exposed or embarrassed walking in to a room when they’re at the lowest point in their lives. That is when Terrible Titties was born”  

 Since then the group has continued to grow as word has spread and Terrible Titties & Other Bitties now offer a range of help and services that weren’t available from conventional support groups.  The group hold regular meetings and continue to be supported by Stafford Rugby Club who provide their new clubhouse premises to the group on the first Wednesday of every month at Coopers Park, Blackberry Lane, Stafford.   “The meetings are a social lifeline for many women who know that they can come and talk with others who know precisely what they are going through” explained Rachael “…by seeing women who have been through it all and come out the other side we want to show these women that there really can be life after a cancer diagnosis and becoming a charity will enable us to raise more funds and extend the help and support we can offer ladies and their families starting out on their journey”

The group’s profile was further raised in March this year when Natasha and Rachael were invited onto the stage at Stafford’s Real Full Monty show at the Gatehouse Theatre to talk about their work and members of TTOB’s will be ‘baring all’ by performing during the fundraising finale when the Real Full Monty returns in May 2020.

Big things often have humble beginnings.    Rachael and Natasha have gone from coffee cups to charity founders in just two years and now that their funding raising can really fly with official charity status, Terrible Titties & Other Bitties will continue to offer an umbrella of emotional and pastoral support for women and their families affected by cancer