The county council are reporting that an additional £5m ploughed into tackling potholes on Staffordshire’s roads is already seeing results.

More than 300 defects have been fixed across the county over the past week, with activities set to increase further thanks to the dry weather.

Added to this, local Staffordshire county councillors have also been making use of the extra £20,000 each of them has been allocated to help deal with more localised issues such as hotspot repairs, footway improvements or unblocking drains. The additional funding is part of a package of £30m of investment aimed at tackling road repairs and improving journeys.

In addition to the £30m funding for maintenance projects, wider investment including more than £2m from private developer contributions, will support improvements to several road safety schemes, create cycling paths and give better access to a number of railway stations across the county.

You can find out which defects have been fixed, and where, by visiting