Time to SWISH !
You bring any clothes, shoes, accessories along (new or pre-loved but good condition) we have a check in desk where we count how many items you have brought then mark your ticket with that number.
You are then free to browse the stands or have a cuppa. We take the clothes and hang them in size order or put other items on display.
When everyone has arrived & we’ve displayed their things we open the ‘swish’.
You then collect the items you think you’d like to take home
When you’ve finished choosing you being your ‘new’ items back to the desk to be counted – if you bring say 10 items you are welcome to take 10 home & if you want to take more we ask a voluntary donation of £2 or more per item.
Take home a new wardrobe with the equivalent amount of items you bought
£4 admission
All money raised goes to the Over 55s Tuesday Mixer Club funds for Christmas Party