On Monday 6th May 2019 the Stafford Advanced Motorists are

holding a Driving Day at Seighford Airfield with a difference – the Drivers are

Registered Blind people!


The day provides a rare opportunity for those people who are Registered

Blind or partially sighted to get behind the wheel of a production car and

actually drive it. An Observer from Stafford Advanced Motorists

provides a demonstration ride round the carefully planned circuit to give the

Blind Driver a “feel” for the course before moving over to the passenger seat.

The Blind Driver then takes control of the vehicle and follows the instructions

of the Observer. Family members and friends join in the fun and often travel

round the circuit in the back seats of the vehicle. Additionally, people can

have an opportunity or being driven round the circuit in a vintage car.

Each Driver is given a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the run.


This started in 2003 and the event this year is again supported by

Stafford Hyundai, Bristol Street Motors, and Staffordshire

County Council Fleetcare who have provided automatic cars

and by DriveMe.Net who are providing all the Circuit facilities.


Les McDowell, Chairman of the Stafford Group of Advanced Motorists,

commented: –

“We really appreciate all the help and support of our sponsors

in bringing together all the necessary elements in making this fun

event happen.

It gives all of us involved real satisfaction to see how much this type of event

is enjoyed by those who are unable to drive.”